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giovedì 5 giugno 2014

Lisca & Cheek by Lisca - Swimwear 2014

Swimwear for 2014 flirts with elegance, playful colourfulness and leisure. Modern cuts, ruffles, draperies, plant and animal patters and eternal sailor motifs excite women of various styles and sizes.

Lisca Swimwear will offer wide range of models for different styles and occasions. Most noticeable will be allways popular navy styles with new, trendy touch in designs, romantic gradient in vivid or pastel colours, colourful floral and jungle motifs and sofisticated, fashionable graphics. Those who like extravaganceand glamour will notice green styles with graphic motive of crystals in combination with real Swarovski crystals. Each swimwear style in this series will shine in different way - with specific placement of crystals each style will be unique.

Swimwear Fashion for 2014 flirts with elegance, playful colourfulness and leisure. Modern cuts, ruffles, draperies, plant and animal patters and eternal sailor motifs excite women of various styles and sizes.

Cotton lovers wish they could wear it at the beach too,  however, cotton swimwear of ten disappoints, as it becomes heavy and remains wet and cold for too long.
Of course, there is a solution for that too - swimwear made of cotton-touch is suitable for the sea and the pools and dries as quickly as regular swimwear.

Among the rich offer of swimwear for the summer 2014, some series are made from the fabric in which you will feel as if wearing cotton. It is very pleasant to the touch and soft, while the swimwear is not only fashionable, but also comfortable and suited to all sizes.

MIX & MATCH - useful and fun

Female figures are not perfect. Some have a lush chest and narrow hips, others have an emphasized rear and tiny breasts. And thus it sometimes happens that it is a good idea to have more to choose from when combining the sizes and design of swimwear tops and bottoms. In the Lisca swimwear collection 2014, there will thus be even more series, which will enable a free choice of panties and bras, which will let any woman create a perfect swimwear set for herself.
Among the Cheek by Lisca swimwear, there will also be such, which can be work on both sides - one set of swimwear thus offers more styles. However, this time, a separate series will also be available for the first time in the glamorous line Lisca Selection.


Selection swimwear radiates the luxury of glamour, while crystal motifs are enriched by actual Swarovski crystals. Elegance is captured in the models of a separate series in refined colour overflow with added ruffles and removable decorative brooch. Green, royal blue or a combination of pink – grey or green – blue are the colours which will addict women, who wish for a perfect elegance and seductivity.

 The two piece swimwear is distinguished by uniqueness and luxury, as they are covered in Swarovski stones, which add just the right measure of seductiveness and attractiveness to your image. An additional charm is added by a motif of crystals. The swimwear has a bra with push up effect, which ensures an especially beautiful and lush cleavage. The straps are wider and wind from the cups in a gentle play of ruffles. The straps may be removed at the back and can be tied in two ways. The 22 cm high panties are tied with a bow on both sides, which adds just the right measure of seductive playfulness to the design.
Materials: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

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Their story began in the 1920’s in the town of Chateauneuf Val-Saint-Donat, which lies at the foot of the lavender covered Lure Mountain. It was there that The Mouranchon Brothers Co., a distillery of aromatic plants, was born. Over time, through the vision and determination of Joséphine, the Mouranchon family’s leader and matriarch, the family business expanded from lavender essential oil to include the making of lavender sachets, soaps and eaux de toilettes.

In 1987, Joséphine’s grandchildren, Dominique and Denis Vogade re-launched the family business. Inspired by the work of Pagnol, especially his ability to bring to life the fragrance of a flower through words, they called their company LOTHANTIQUE.

Like Joséphine, the Vogades’ vision, determination, and know-how led to success in Europe and in 1998 the company formed a subsidiary in the United States: Lothantique Inc.

Currently, Lothantique has 40 employees and has moved into its current premises in Peyruis.  Enriched by its history, our company cherishes its philosophy of uniting tradition and modernism and applying the practices of Haute-Provence to current advances in technology and skin care.

Lothantique products are formulated with environmental consciousness.  By using recyclable packaging, tracking wastes and respecting nature, both plant and animal life, we contribute to a safer world in which we as human beings can be proud to live in!

Fleurs de notre enfance

 "Fleurs de notre enfance" is a floral, a little wild and a deliciously soft scent.
 Light and sustained by a fresh and delicate note, it develops an atmosphere full of poetry.

Hand cream

Ultra rich in Shea butter for more protection and softness, leaves skin soft and perfumed with a non-sticky film on skin. Presented in an aluminium tube. For a daily use, as often as necessary.

Référence: FMCM75
Composition: Sans colourings, mineral oils, silicones, PEG
Enriched with 20% of organic Shea butter
Non coloured
Finished products not tested on animals
Senteurs: Wild flowers - 
75 ml

Soap 100 g

Marseille soap 100 g, coloured and perfumed with country flowers. Cleanses gently and naturally, leaves skin soft and delicately perfumed
For all skin types, daily use.
For a complete care, apply body lotion and hand cream after shower.

Référence: FMSV10
Composition: No parabens, no BHT
Vegetable soap paste made of palm oils , enriched with Shea butter
Coloured in grey
Wrapped in transparent cellophane
Finished product not tested on animals
Senteurs: Wild flowers - 

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